Here you can find entertaining and informative videos to help you grow in knowledge of your Catholic faith!

Faith Clips from Father Robert Barron

Who is Jesus?
Can God really be both One and Many?
How can Jesus be both God and human?
What is the Trinity?
How does the Church fit into and serve the Trinity?
Can we completely understand the Trinity?
Is the Truth of the Trinity found in Scripture?
Why do we believe in God?

Catholic Jacks Videos

A Day in the Life of A Priest

A Guide to Confession

 Welcome Week 2016

Newman Night


Sacrament Preparation at NAU Newman Center

Fall 2016 Retreat

Get Involved in the Mass

SEEK 2015

Lumberjack Awakening Retreat

Videos on Fr. Matt by Students

“Fr. Matt Project” By Shannon Donnelly

“Father Matt Lowry” By Alex Lucero

“Father Matt Lowry” by Colleen Sikora

“Father Matt” by Eduardo Garcia

“A Father To Us All” by Monica Burres

“Father Matt Lowry” by Kristen Stuhr